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toocuteicons's Journal

Too Cute Icons
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Welcome to Too Cute Icons

Under new management. thagirion (Des for short) is your new admin, founder and archivist. I will be slowly rebuilding this community. It will be up as an archive of all the icons that were here before. Found out you can't back date on a community so I shall try to post the original dates in the subject or the body of the post. The icons are free to use either here on Livejournal or anywhere else that requires 100x100 icons since these were made originally from clip art. There's no need to join as they are free for you to use. No credit is necessary but if you would like you can make it out to thagirion or toocuteicons.

I do not recieve emails so if you make a comment to a post I likely won't see it. If you want to get a hold of me be sure to PM me.

xyndarella is our fellow admin that will be making new icons from time to time. Please give her the appropriate credit if you use her art.

1. No spaming. Please do not post links to your personal websites unless they are in some way useful to the topic at hand.
2. No flaming or trolling. Be nice to the other members.
3. No use of foul language. English only please.
4. No netspeak. Try to use proper grammar and spelling.
5. No inappropriate or adult images.
6. No hotlinking to images. Right click and save to your computers then reupload them on your sites. But don't use up my bandwidth.
7. No discussions about religions or politics. You know how those end up.

Be sure to stop by our other affiliated communities.
If you like my personal journal as well feel free to watch it too.


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