Sorath Roars

Misc. Grab Bag 30

Hey folks. I'm looking to add some new people to my friends list. Comments have been in short supply lately and I love having nice conversations. I enjoy talking about my art, stories, plants and other things I'm interested in. If you have similar interests and views please add me. If you know your MBTI type, I play very well with other NT's and SJ's. I have to add you back though to give you access to comment. Check my profile so you know what you're getting into if you do want to add me. Thanks in advanced. Here are some icons.

Original upload date: March 12, 2009

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Fear Scary

Admin Announcement

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had a name change done to my account today. This is destroyah_des but now you will see my name come up as thagirion. Don't worry I'm still going to be uploading the icons. I may do another batch later today once I sort the unexpected changes LJ did to my account other than just changing my name.
EDIT: Sorry for the confusion if this was worded poorly. I did the change. I have not been hacked. I have been wanting to change names for over a year now. I just didn't want everyone here to see a "new" name and think I was someone else.


Misc. Grab Bag

Just when I have some free time I get wrapped up in two epic video games on top of all the other stuff I do. But here's another set of icons anyway.

Original upload date Sept 2, 2009

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Fruit Leaves Fall

Fall and Autumn

Happy Fall everyone. Sorry I have not been here in months. Life has been busy which is a good thing. It's too bad I missed Halloween here which is one of my favorite holidays but I was celebrating it for real at home. It's still Fall though and Thanksgiving's right around the corner. Don't forget that as stores try to shove Christmas in our faces as early as Oct. After checking there's only one set of Thanksgiving icons and luckily those were already posted. But I have this small set of Fall icons with some Halloween mixed in. I'll try to keep up with this better. Thanks to everyone that joined. We now have over 300 members and still with no advertising. Enjoy the icons.

Original upload date: Sept 20, 2009

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